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About ProcoliX


MCH2021: An event we're sorry to see cancelled

Why Europe’s largest hacker event of the year is important to us

    It was with sadness that we received the news; the MCH2021 hacker camp which was to be held in August will no longer go ahead. Understandably its organisers are mindful of the pandemic, and though great strides have been made in developing vaccines there remains too much risk in planning a 5000-person event this summer. We understand that cancelling the event was a responsible choice in the circumstances, and we look forward to meeting again when it is safe to do so.

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    Introducing IRMA-meet

    Secure Private Open-Source Video Conferencing without unwanted guests

      If there’s one experience that sums up the pandemic for most of us who have been fortunate enough not to encounter the virus in person, it’s the lockdown. Day after day at home, it may be boring and monotonous, but we’re fighting the spread of the virus by doing it so it remains essential. Our lives must go on though, so if there’s another thing we’ll remember from all this it will be the video conference. The office and school have been replaced by our phones and laptops, and a new etiquette has evolved. If you’ve carefully arranged a bookcase …

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      Our Services

      Managed Hosting

      Your website or web application is vital to your business, so you can't afford for it to fail. ProcoliX has been providing hosting solutions for more than 15 years, and with its Managed Hosting platform can offer you a monitored and reliable environment for your peace of mind.

      Managed Colocation

      ProcoliX has a presence across multiple data centres and is constantly expanding to more. We have built strong contacts and partnerships with data centre suppliers over the years. As a result, ProcoliX can also offer a colocation option spread across those many sites. In combination with other services such as our Managed Storage service, this puts a safe, reliable and High Availability hosting solution at your fingertips.

      Managed Storage

      ProcoliX offers Managed Storage in partnership with Inprove IT. ProcoliX brings to the table its extensive technical knowledge of Software Defined Storage systems such as Linbit Storage, as well as its focus on implementation, integration and monitoring. This together with the hardware knowledge of Inprove IT slows ProcoliX to offer a suitable solution for all your storage needs, be they file, block or object storage.

      Managed Hosting

      Your website is important to your business. That’s why you need a hosting environment running on a high performance, scalable, and reliable infrastructure. ProcoliX helps assess your choices properly with regard to your website or internet application. ProcoliX can build and maintain a suitable environment that exactly matches your wishes and those of your customers.

      Your managed hosting environment can be precisely tailored by ProcoliX for your website or internet application, at standard solution pricing. Moreover, your business infrastructure can also be accommodated in our managed hosting environment. Your solution can be run on one of ProcoliX's High Availability Hosting platforms or we can help you set it up on your own hosting environment. We can help you to create a high-quality and flexible hosting environment.

      ProcoliX is a professional IT service provider with a primary focus on commercial customers. ProcoliX ensures that your IT Infrastructure works when it matters. Whether your online store attracts international customers 24 hours a day or in a rush between 3pm and 4pm as all the day’s visitors to your theatre come to buy a ticket, ProcoliX ensures that it just works.

      About ProcoliX

      Professionalism and creativity

      Professionalism and creativity are not mutually exclusive, something proven almost daily by the team of ProcoliX.

      Technology and innovation

      For a technology company like ProcoliX it is essential to stay up-to-date with the latest technological developments in order to deliver good quality hosting. ProcoliX not only follows these developments, we also work on developing them into technological solutions for your requirements.

      A knowledge-intensive work environment

      Without exception, the team members of ProcoliX have a flexible and customer-centric work attitude.

      About ProcoliX


      ProcoliX is a professional IT service provider with primary focus on commercial customers. ProcoliX ensures that your IT Infrastructure works when it matters. Whether your online store attracts international customers 24 hours a day or in a rush between 3pm and 4pm as all the day’s visitors to your theatre come to buy a ticket, ProcoliX ensures that it just works.

      Terms and Conditions

      Download the general terms and conditions of ProcoliX B.V. effective from 1 January 2016.

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      De Groene Amsterdammer

      De Groene Amsterdammer

      De Groene Amsterdammer is the oldest weekly opinion paper in the Netherlands, since 1877 an independent beacon of liberal opinions in the fields of politics, society, culture and literature.

      In collaboration with De Groene Amsterdammer, ProcoliX has delivered a package of hosting services which serve the on-line version of the magazine with high performance and high availability, even under very heavy loads.

      Finally, the digitized historical archive of De Groene has also been made available via ProcoliX.



      Wormerveer-based Lassie are the leading rice supplier in the Netherlands, and an innovative player in the Dutch food industry not only in the physical world but also online.

      The Lassie website is regularly updated and is a high-traffic site, partly because of its popular recipes selection and its food blog.

      By hosting the Lassie website with ProcoliX, the site can cope with the extra traffic surges brought on by media attention or advertising campaigns



      Peppered is the premier online marketing platform designed specifically for the cultural sector. For Peppered, ProcoliX hosts a platform on which more than 50 so-called 'Venues' from home and abroad offer their portfolio. Through them the venues send mailings and automate their other marketing activities related to offering theatres, concerts, exhibitions and film.

      By working closely with the developers at Peppered, a High Availability WebCluster, specially tailored to their environment has been built in which peak visitors and peak performance are important components.

      High Availability Hosting

      Your website is vital to your business, so you can't afford for it to fail. ProcoliX has been supplying High Availability Hosting solutions for over 10 years.

      High Availability

      ProcoliX offers you a High Availability Hosting solution spread over different hardware environments. In addition, ProcoliX uses geographically distributed datacentres, so that your website availability is no longer dependent on the functioning of a single datacentre.

      As a result, in the exceptional case of for example a hardware failure, we can ensure that your application remains available by running it elsewhere within your hosting solution. This way we can ensure that your website works, 365 days a year, 24 hours a day.

      Experience with High Availability Hosting solutions

      ProcoliX has extensive experience in setting up High Availability Hosting solutions.

      For example, ProcoliX hosts more than 70 theatre websites, which must remain online even during traffic surges caused by peak ticket sales. Another example hosted by ProcoliX is an online test application on which thousands of students throughout the country simultaneously take online tests in their classrooms, for which the examination server must always stay online no matter the scale of the traffic.

      We can set up your application on an environment with redundant SQL servers, and with storage solutions containing multiple servers able offer files to multiple web nodes, that can be used through an active / passive load balancing solution. By using these types of High Availability Hosting techniques, your website can be set up with enough redundancy to guarantee the highest possible availability.


      If you choose a High Availability Hosting solution, this delivers the benefit of a fully manageable environment. It will always be necessary to make security updates to your hosting solution, and in the case of a High Availability Hosting solution this can be done with no or minimal downtime for the system. While we ensure your website is running, you can focus on your business. A safe feeling.

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